Mrs. Arlene Magalong - Women's Month Celebration

Mrs. Magalong Reminded Mothers: You Cannot Give What You Do Not Have

As a part of the celebration of Women’s Month, Mrs. Arlene Magalong gave an hour-long presentation on self-care and growth to women who look after children with special needs and single parents on March 27 and 31, respectively. Mrs. Magalong encouraged women to find time in taking care of themselves despite their exhausting schedule as parents. She reminded that their health and well-being should also become their priority.

The occasion served as a reminder to value and honor the remarkable women in our lives, particularly mothers. The audience members left the discussion feeling motivated and equipped to give their personal development and self-care a part of their routine.

Every attendee got family food packs, pajama sets, and makeup kits in collaboration with the City Social Welfare and Development Office. These presents were given as a kind expression of thanks and encouragement to the women who have devoted their lives to raising their children with disabilities.

The participants departed with a fresh respect for their duties as mothers and at times as breadwinners. The gifts given were a little mark of thanks for the enormous amount of effort that exceptional women perform every day.