benjie magalong - first 100 days report, photo by volts gabrillo

Mayor Benjie Delivered His First 100 Days Report

Mayor Benjamin Magalong addressed the public of his 100 days report on October 10 during the flag raising ceremony. He revealed the city government’s 7-point agenda as the result of merging the previous 15-point agenda to make it more effective and measurable. These are (1) Environment, Land Use and Energy; (2) Climate and Disaster Resilience; (3) Urban Regeneration; (4) Youth Empowerment; (5) Economic Development and Competitiveness; (6) Smart City Management; and (7) Good Governance.

“These agenda shall set out the foundations for our path towards preventing urban decay, which is deemed irreversible by 2030 if we are not going to do anything about it,” Mayor Magalong claimed.

The mayor urged public officials to work together and break the chain linking public service to the old paradigm of traditional politics.

The mayor reaffirmed that local governance is rooted on transparency, accountability, trust, compassion, humility, and fairness, which the constituents deserve.

“We are likewise committed to implementing programs on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and nature-based solutions. This I can say, there will no let-up on our efforts for all these will lead to one thing, to become the livable community that we aspiring for: a liveable and better Baguio. We need to achieve an urban renewal that would remove the decaying marks of many years.”

“We are firmly staying on the course that we have set and we are likewise resolved to seize opportunities to help us arrive faster at meeting our goals. Soon we will be in a conversation of setting out our vision for the City of Baguio, a vision that we want for 2043. We need one identity, one goal, one dream, one community, one city, one Baguio,” the mayor said.