turnover of stalls at baguio city market, photo by volts gabrillo

Good Governance Beyond Politics

Our battlecry has always been this: Good Governance Beyond Politics. This is a brand of governance that is anchored on doing the right thing in the right possible way. The bottomline is always integrity. We must elevate the way governance must be practiced — not just in words but in deeds and acts that are experienced day-by-day.

Good governance must go beyond traditional politics, and is not only focused on fighting corruption. It is about empowerment, inclusiveness, and authentic leadership.

This is what keeps us going. We know that we can make a difference.

Our mission is towards the revitalization of Baguio City as a prime tourist destination, economic hub of the north, cradle of education, culture, arts, and the home for diverse traditions.

To be an authentic leader is to cultivate a servant’s heart. In developing authentic leadership, you need to have the heart of a servant, one that puts service above self. It is that kind of leadership we need in the government, one that is centered on compassion, humility, fairness and purity of intention.

-Benjie Magalong, Public Servant